Atlantic & Pacific

(Soccer – Basketball –Volleyball)

Division Selection Process

The objective of the creation of divisions in the three major AASCA sports was based on the desire to create a more level field of competition for all AASCA schools, while ensuring that there would be 6 high quality events that reflected and upheld AASCA’s purpose and beliefs. The two divisions will be named the Atlantic division and the Pacific division. The criteria for schools to be placed in the Atlantic division are as follows:

  • There will be 8 schools that must compete in the Atlantic division.
  • The number of events that the school participated in during the 2017-18 and 2018-19 school years. There were seven schools with 12 participation points.
  • There were three schools with 11 participation points. To break the tie, the level of competitiveness of the schools was used based on their team’s position in each of the seven sports that they participated in.
  • Based on these criteria, the Atlantic division will consist of the following schools:
Escuela Internacional Sampedrana, Honduras Lincoln School, Costa Rica
American School of Tegucigalpa, Honduras Country Day School, Costa Rica
Escuela Americana, El Salvador Colegio Interamericano de Guatemala
Colegio Americano, Guatemala Village School, Guatemala
  • The schools of the Atlantic Division will remain set for the 2019-20 and 2020-21 school years. These schools are required to participate in each of the six categories for the three major sports. The Atlantic schools will remain in this division for the two-year trial period of the division system. At the end of the two-year trial period all school participation will be reviewed to see if the Atlantic Division schools need to be recategorized. Atlantic Division schools do not have the right of petition to change their division for the two years.
  • Each of the other AASCA schools will participate in the Pacific Division. These schools have the right to petition to compete in the Atlantic Division following the Petition Protocol.


All full member AASCA Pacific schools are eligible to petition to play in the Atlantic division on a tournament by tournament, category by category basis. Schools must formally state their intention to petition for each of the AASCA tournaments prior to September 15th. The request must be sent, emailed, to the President of the Athletic Directors, Juan Santamaria  ( ), as well as the two hosting schools.The email should clearly state which team(s) the school wishes to move to participate in the Atlantic Division.The final decision to accept the petition will be decided by the Board of the Athletic Directors, one week prior to the closing of registration of the petitioned event. If a member of the Board of the Athletic Directors is a petitioning school, one of the two Vocals will be named to replace them in the decision making process.

Schools who are AASCA candidate schools cannot petition to move divisions until they have become full members of AASCA.

Petition Protocol

A petition will be accepted using the following criteria:

  • There are more than eight teams in the Pacific Division tournament.
    • Examples:  If a Pacific tournament has 10 registered teams in the male category and 10 registered teams in the female category, two petitions can be accepted from each category. If the event has 10 registered teams in the male category and nine registered teams in the female category, two male team petitions can be accepted, but only one female team petition can be accepted.
  • In the case where there are more schools who petitioned to move, than there are spaces available to move, the decision on which a school’s petition will be accepted is based on the school’s rank in the previous year’s event. If the school did not participate in the previous year’s event their rank will be one more than the number of participating teams from the previous year’s event. In the case where schools have petitioned to move in both categories and there are more schools petitioned to move then there are spaces available, the school with the lower combined score, based on last year’s rank, will have their petition approved.
    • Example: School A Boys rank #12, Girls rank #4, combined 16. School B Boys rank #7, Girls rank #8, combined 15. School B’s petition would be approved.
  • In the case where schools have petitioned to move in both categories, and there are more schools petitioned to move then there are spaces available, and the combined scores are tied, preference will be given to a school that is located in the same city of the hosting school followed by the same country of the hosting school. If neither of these apply, the decision will be made by a coin flip.  


Resolution approved at the AASCA General Directors’ Meeting on May 04, 2019.